Iñaki Diéguez

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Accordion Variety

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Accordion Jazz-Variety
Iñaki Diéguez acordeon
Ritxi Salaberria bajo
Igor Telletxea bateria
CD Agorila

"Birak" New CD 2012-X It's the end of my Tour. The time has come to look back on the moments and stories during my world tour with "Cirque du Soleil". So many friends, so many cities, so much music....!! The places, situations and people that I met during this time are reflected in this album. The chaotic lifestyles of New York or Toronto, the difference in culture of Korea, the Redwood forests of Yosemite, the Basque diaspora in California along with my experiences with my Brasilian friends, and the loneliness of the hotels. Here is a postcard of these journeys.

Contenido del CD:

  1. INPOSTOREAK. I. Diéguez
  2. REDWOOD.  I. Diéguez
  3. BIRAK. I. Diéguez
  4. URUBU.  I. Diéguez
  5. HEAVYTANGO. R. Galliano
  6. BIDART-ENA.  I. Diéguez
  7. AMAIUR. I. Diéguez
  8. RIVER
  9. CHIQUILIN DE BACHIN.  A. Piazzola